Dedicated Server

Europe servers

Dedicated servers from european countries (NL,FR,DE)

NETHERLANDS(NL) Dedicated servers

US servers

Dedicated servers from United States of America (USA)

New York, Miami, Los Angeles Dedicated servers

Dedicated Features

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Upto 40 Gbit Bandwidth

With our servers you can get up to 40 Gbit of port speed with unmetered bandwith.

Custom setup

You can always customize your server according to you need and pay for what you have.

Premium Bandwith

With our servers you will get the premium bandwith worldwide giving you guranteed speed and stability.

Hardware Replacement

We always use the premium hardware for your servers. Incase of any hardware failure you willl get free hardware replacement within minimum time.

Need Advice
on Building your Managed
Dedicated Server?

Contact our professional and experienced customer support team to get the best solution according to your need.

Our Team

Behind thrusthost's success are numerous experts with multiple talents. Learn more about the members of this outstanding team.

Pratik Saha

Founder and CEO

Pratik Saha is the Founder and CEO of Thrusthost, which he started from his dorm room in 2007. During the Hosting company’s early years, Pratik acted as the designer, and support representative for the entire Thrusthost platform.
In addition to running the Hosting and setting overall product strategy,
he remains actively involved in many departments of the Hosting company that he had previously run himself.

Fahima Rahman

Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer, Fahima Rahman leads all global commercial teams - revenue, supply and operations.
Fahima Rahman joined thrusthost in 2016.

Syed Borhan Uddin

Chief Marketing Officer

Syed Borhan Uddin is the chief marketing officer for Thrusthost. He is responsible for linking the innovations of the company's product team to the customer-focused operations of the business units to create consumer awareness and advocacy, and drive customer preference for the brand through all channels, every single day.

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