Remote Desktop (RDP)

2Gbit Premium RDP

E3-1245V6 Processor32 GB RAM100 GB SATA III Hard Drive2 Gbit Unmetered Bandwidth€8.00/mo
E3-1245V6 Processor32 GB RAM200 GB SATA III Hard Drive2 Gbit Unmetered Bandwidth€12.00/mo
E3-1245V6 Processor32 GB RAM300 GB SATA III Hard Drive2 Gbit Unmetered Bandwidth€16.00/mo
E3-1245V6 Processor32 GB RAM400 GB SATA III Hard Drive2 Gbit Unmetered Bandwidth€20.00/mo
E3-1245V6 Processor32 GB RAM500 GB SATA III Hard Drive2 Gbit Unmetered Bandwidth€25.00/mo
E3-1245V6 Processor32 GB RAM100 GB SSD Hard Drive2 Gbit Unmetered Bandwidth€10.00/mo
E3-1245V6 Processor32 GB RAM200 GB SSD Hard Drive2 Gbit Unmetered Bandwidth€17.00/mo

Shared Hosting from just - €1.50/mo

Dedicated Features

Here are some amazing facts about our RDP servicee that will convince you to be with us for sure.

7 Days Money Back Guarantee

Its the rule of the world that one can not make everyone happy and same goes for us too. So you can go for trial run for 7 days and you can cancel within this time without giving us any reason. also if there is a problem from our side you get full refund.

24/7 Support

We have one of the best support team dedicated for you. our 24/7 support system will resolve any of your problem as early as possible. we can assure you the fastest support possible.

Dedicated Ports Speed

You will get the full dedicated speed guranteed from the server. As a RDp is shared between some client so ofcourse sometime speed is lower which is why we provide 2 Gbit port to ensure you a high speed all the time.

Premium Hardware

All our servers are from premium branded companies like HP/DELL/Supermicro etc. The server is more than capable of what we are promised to you. You can rely on us with the top quality hardware we provide for our services.


Dedicated Servers

Need something better than RDP? Go for a low cost server.


  • Linux
  • Windows
  • BSD


  • Single Core
  • Dual Core
  • Quad Core
  • GPU Processors


  • Up to 5Tbps Capacity
  • IP Transit
  • IPv4 & IPv6 Spaces
  • 5+ Locations

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Our Team

Behind thrusthost's success are numerous experts with multiple talents. Learn more about the members of this outstanding team.

Pratik Saha

Founder and CEO

Pratik Saha is the Founder and CEO of Thrusthost, which he started from his dorm room in 2007. During the Hosting company’s early years, Pratik acted as the designer, and support representative for the entire Thrusthost platform.
In addition to running the Hosting and setting overall product strategy,
he remains actively involved in many departments of the Hosting company that he had previously run himself.

Fahima Rahman

Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer, Fahima Rahman leads all global commercial teams - revenue, supply and operations.
Fahima Rahman joined thrusthost in 2016.

Syed Borhan Uddin

Chief Marketing Officer

Syed Borhan Uddin is the chief marketing officer for Thrusthost. He is responsible for linking the innovations of the company's product team to the customer-focused operations of the business units to create consumer awareness and advocacy, and drive customer preference for the brand through all channels, every single day.

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